In honor of our public launch, on Valentines day, let's compile a list of great humanitarian aid and development Valentine wishes:

For example:

1) Roses are red, violets are blue. This worked in another place, so it'll work for you, too. (HT @texasinafrica, @hopeobrien)

2) The budget of my love for you will never be cut.  (HT @InterAction)

3) I will not implement your proposal until you present a well defined exit strategy (HT @TMSRuge)

Add more in the thread below!

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I appreciate your Concern, but I don't need you to Save me.  I do CARE about you though.  My affection is Without Borders.

Baby, your eyes are like limpid pools with zero faecal coliforms per 100ml at the point of delivery.

a) My love for you is like a refugee camp with 10,000 people and only 2 toilets. Overflowing.

b) My dear, I will never love you according to the minimum humanitarian standards.

c) The Proposed Action, will provide it's sole beneficiary with unlimited access to my charm, wit, stories of travel adventures and good looks.




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