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Hi all, wondering the best way to ask a general question to members? Since there doesn't seem to be a "wall" or "timeline" you can review of your connections or members...for example, if I'm moving to Burundi and want to know if other folks are or have worked there, what is the best way to find that out without starting a whole group? Thanks! Great job, love the site!


Hey Maggie - great point. Give us some time to think about where we'd locate this and how we'd manage it technically. Thanks! (And we're super glad you love the site!).

is missing/broken!  (totally looking forward to it!)

Hello Aidsource admins, I've not been online much lately but enjoy popping in to see what's going on in here. There are some great discussions and it's lovely to see so many new members!

I write here because I have noticed a few discussions being closed (e.g. the Kony 2012 and domestic skills applicable to international careers threads). They have links to 'summaries' or related articles -- what's the rationale there?

I'm seeing some redundancy between teamhouse and working groups discussions  -- did this get all mapped out on paper?  Would something like that be useful for creating a cohesive organized network?  (Its one of my "things" if you want a volunteer)



Just letting you know that I frequently can’t access pages properly. When I click on topic threads or member profiles, etc, the page opens then a message pops up saying, “Internet explorer cannot open the internet site. Operation aborted.”

I think the bug is your end as I have attempted to access the pages from various computers.

Hope you can fix it. 

Have a great day.     

Hi, I'm considering posting a survey to get member feedback on the need/curriculum content for a master's program on international agricultural development practice.  I looked at the TOS, and just want to make sure that I'm not violating any of them. The only one I see that could possibly be problematic for me is the one about collecting information w/o consent.  Survey results would be confidential, of course, and I could add that to the introduction of the survey, as well as indicate that the results are going to be used to inform this preliminary study.

Hi guys, love what you are doing here... just a quick bit of feedback, you currently don't have South Sudan listed as a country and there are a whole lot of us aidworkers there... so when you get a minute... thanks!




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