What do you recommend to read to learn more about Indonesia? 

  • Jakarta Post? 
  • Obama's mother's thesis? 
  • Cultureshock Jakarta? 

What other suggestions do you have?

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Hi A I didn't have time to prepare properly but I did start reading Jakarta post online. Now I am here it's mostly language related, i would suggest depending on where you will be based that you learn some of the langauge if you can. even if you have a translator in your team a little bit of langauge goes a long way (only my experience though)


There's a great deal of printed material out there from high-quality presses; if you have an academic library near you I'd recommend taking a look. It's mostly quite accessible.

More than anything else though I'd recommend Inside Indonesia (insideindonesia.org). It can't be beat as an introduction to a great wealth of topics.

I second R's reply on language though. No matter what period of time you're in Indonesia language learning will reward you.




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