Okay, guys - who'd be in for a PNW Aid Workers tweetup?

I'm thinking Seattle-ish?  Some time around the first week of October?

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I'm game, but it would have to be the second week of October, or near the end of the first (like Oct 5, a Friday). Thanks J.

Hmmm... Okay. Second week of October works.

Anyone else in?

I'm now in Yakima, but I'd drive over the pass if it meant I could share an IPA with you two heroes of humanitarian social media.

let us know here... or just ping me on skype :)

Hey Aaron,

As J. knows, I've had a family issue to deal with and am out of town ... and even more disorganized than usual. Also, I maybe should put this out on Humanosphere as well to see if we can scare up other locals

We'll do this!

Hey Aaron, I should be heading out to Yakima in the next year or so. Will look you up when I make the trip.




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