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About us:

AidSource is an independent network for those in, associated with, or just curious about global humanitarian community. AidSource brings together aid workers, NGO staff, expats, locals, academics, journalists, donors. We’re trying to build AidSource into the perfect mix of online resources related to international relief and development, vibrant discussion on topics that really matter, and just plain fun. We like to imagine that it’s a bit like what might result if MySpace and Aid Workers Network hooked up in the teamhouse.

AidSource is owned and administered by WhyDev.

It was founded and formly run by J." (formerly blogged at Tales From the Hood, co-owner of Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like), Alanna Shaikh (writes Blood and Milk, The International Development Careers List), "Shotgun Shack" (Shotgun Shack, co-owner of Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like).

AidSource is an independent humanitarian aid & development social network. AidSource is not affiliated with or in any way controlled or administered by any NGO, INGO, UN agency, or aid donor.

Who can join AidSource?:

Anyone. Since public launch anyone can join with or without an invitation and all public content on AidSource will be visible to non-members.

What’s here now:

We’ve set up the basics for you. Inside the Calendar you can see what’s going on in the aid world (and post your own events, too!), from high-level meetings, to interagency forums, to donor deadlines, to the time and location of this Friday’s party in Nairobi.

Check out the Groups & Discussions tab for real-time discussions about all things humanitarian aid, relief and development. If the topic you want to discuss is not there, it’s no problem: start your own conversation!

Work & Life is a combination of linked resources and discussions about surviving the life of an aid worker, building your career, job openings, degree programs... or just plain fun! Check out The Teamhouse for aid-related banter and fun. Just like real teamhouses, this is where we’ll hang out. Upload photos or videos (we’ll “feature” the best ones), add a party or tweetup to the calendar, post a personal add, or enter contests that we’ll announce from time to time. There's also a Teamhouse Kitchen where our member exchange recipes and talk food (aid workers have to eat, too). And finally, under Network by Location you can find a living collection of location-specific networking options, some part of the AidSource network, others not.

Under Resources you'll find a living collection of free online resources of all kinds that we feel are particularly good or useful. Obviously we can’t know everything that’s out there – let us know in the comments spaces if our links are out of date or if we’ve missed an absolute must-have.

It’s really about YOU!

More than anything else, we want AidSource to become a space for you to come in, network with industry colleagues, share your opinions, get your voice out there, and have a little fun. Oh yeah, and get real work done, too. The AidSource network can be as cool and fun and useful as you make it. Here are a few of the things that we’ve done to help get you started:

  • Sign up and sign in with your existing social network accounts. You can join AidSource with your Gmail, Yahoo!, Twitter or Facebook accounts.
  • Minimal required information. Here at AidSource we require the bare minimum information for becoming a member. No real names required. We don’t ask who your employer is, or your home address, or your mobile number, which school your kids go to. All you have to have is a real email address (and we promise not to tell).
  • Maximum personal control. You can make your profile as plain or as tricked-out as you want. You can choose from up to 50 page themes, change the colors, fonts, make photo albums, “friend” other members, “like” things. Your AidSource page is your space to do with what you like.
  • Minimum administrator moderation. Don’t make us regret this… but we’ve disabled nearly every “moderation required” option in this network. While we do retain the admin authority to moderate member added content after the fact, you can say and upload almost anything you like.

Check out the AidSource FAQs.

Please be sure to read our Terms of Use.

Questions or Comments? 

We invite you to ask any questions you might have or make any suggestions in the AidSource Member Feedback Forum. You can also send email to AidSource Admin using the email function built into this network.




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