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Rights vs. Needs by C. Coffey

Reflections on Development Studies by Sian Cowman

Domestic Skills and International Careers

The Professional Humanitarian Aid Worker (3 of 3)

The Professional Humanitarian Aid Worker (2 of 3)

The Professional Humanitarian Aid Worker (1 of 3)

Discuss: Reasons *Not* to Professionalize

Discuss: Professional Management in the Aid Sector


Info on Grad Programs in Aid & Development 

Reviews of Grad Programs in Aid & Development

Major Academic Centers for Aid & Development



Perspectives: Five Unusual Ways to Prepare for a Global Health Career by Alanna Shaikh 

1. Build your empathy skills

Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is an essential cross-cultural skill and important for health work.

Understanding why people make the choices they do is key to changing behavior, which is the core of improving health. It might be a patient, a family member, a doctor of a policymaker, but you need to see where they’re coming from to talk to them.  More...

Perspectives: Closing the KONY 2012 Chapter

The debate was heated, labels were used, people were categorized on both sides.  Lots of voices chimed in - some with good relevant thoughts, others with loud noise.  Some saw the whole dialogue as encouraging and furthering the practice of better advocacy, others saw it as deconstructive and wondered why the filmmakers were being criticized for raising awareness.  More....

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