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Maria's Story

What can you do to help end child hunger? It takes people like you and I, who care and want to make a difference in a child's life to end child hunger once and for all. Maria's story is very similar to other children's stories in that she faces the issues of poverty every day and would hope that someone would care enough to help ease her and her family's daily struggle to survive.

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Tackling Child Labour Issues in Ghana



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Jumpstart Your 1st 2015 Project: 4 Powerful Steps to Design & Fund

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Compilation of the first four steps in project design for improved funding and management.

Over the…

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Best Canadian Charities Revealed

The Financial Post has helped to shed light onto how efficient Canadian charities actually are. Out of 86,000 registered charities The Christian Children's Fund of Canada came up in the top 25 charities making the grade.

It can be confusing at times when so many charities are asking…


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Make a Big Difference this Christmas

Something as simple as a donation of vegetable seeds to someone in need can make a huge impact in their lives. The vegetables they grow feed their family, and create a way to make extra money as well by offering them something to sell in the marketplace. A $20 donation to the Christian Children's Fund of Canada will provide vegetable seeds for one family.…


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Volunteer recruitment for AidSource

We’re recruiting a volunteer to help manage and run AidSource. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to gain experience in community engagement, social media, communications or partnerships. If this sounds like you, please review the position description, and send your resume and a cover letter describing your vision for the AidSource community (max. 600 words) to info[AT]whydev[DOT]org by 4 December 2014.…


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Send a Girl to School for a Year for $100

Did you know that it just takes a donation of $100 to send a girl to school for an entire year? What could be more valuable to a young girl than to have the opportunity to receive an education?

Here in North America what can you buy for $100? Think of how far $100 goes; you could buy a pair of designer jeans, maybe attend a concert, or spend it in about 5 minutes at a…


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Public Service Announcement: AidSource under new management, effective immediately

The founders and owners of AidSource: The Humanitarian Social Network would like to announce that, effective immediately, AidSource will be owned, maintained and moderated by our friends and aid blogosphere colleagues at

Some of you will wonder why. The answer is that over the past year each of us have made significant changes in…

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Project IMPACT is Making a Difference in Ethiopia

Did you know that 59 of every 1,000 children born in Ethiopia do not survive, and besides that 675 of every 100,000 mothers will die during childbirth? Project IMPACT (Improving Maternal and Child Health: Partnership and Action for Community Transformation) is making a difference. Funded by donors and the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada its strengthening primary health care by building birthing facilities, equipping them with the tools and training they need to…


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Needs assessment for delivery of essential medicines

Dear Colleagues,


PATH is conducting a needs assessment to identify drugs in WHO Lists of Essential Medicines that may currently have challenges to correct delivery. Our goal is to further explore:


What essential medicines have barriers to correct delivery?

What health needs could be addressed by changes to existing drug formats?


This is a call for responses from anyone with thoughts on how to improve the mode of delivery,…


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IV Conferencia de la ReLAC: Marzo 2015, Lima (Perú) – #EvalYear

Originally published at Al Borde del Caos , with a translate button ;-)

Con el inspirado e inspirador tema El Futuro de la Evaluación en América Latina y el Caribe: Desarrollo, Equidad y Cultura  se desarrollará entre el 11 y 13 de Marzo del año próximo (el…


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A new venture for girls: Can a development practitioner change the world through business?

I went out with a new friend back in April, for sushi. Just sushi. And it ended up costing me thousands of dollars.

As Melissa Ovard described how they had formed a company to provide products to make girls’ adolescent transitions easier, I was hooked. Her enthusiasm spilled all over our unagi and seawead salad, and I knew I had to be a part of Girl Lux.…


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Sportscaster James Duthie Teams Up With CCFC

Sportscaster James Duthie, host of Hockey on TSN has teamed up with the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada to tackle the issues of poverty in developing countries.…


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Make Your Own Difference in Whatever Way You Can

When you see an advertisement about children in poverty in impoverished countries around the world how can you not want to reach out? I have had the opportunity to sponsor a young boy in India for years and my children had the chance to see how one person can make a difference.…


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11 totally useless approaches to communicating about global development

A new generation of development and communications professionals is attempting to embrace nuance without turning the public off.


But just in case you want to remain “old school” in your communications strategies and keep them grounded in a charitable…


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Do we need more risk-taking in communications?

According to many “horizon scanning” reports for international civil society over the past few years, there are major disruptions ahead in the aid sector. Many predict that if large international organizations are not prepared to adapt, they will not survive.

What is…


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Story of a lady bike rider and women development: Organizers should go to the roots

Every morning one lady bike rider passes me when my bus gets stuck in the jam on the way to my office. She goes ahead to her destination by driving her Scooty easily and naturally on the wide and narrow spaces on the road as like as a man. Every day when I see her I give her a salute and admire her courage because it is Bangladesh, a moderate Islamic country by the constitution, where a big part of the people do not support from their mind to let the women go out from home for working…


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Non Profits: What can't you get done in your work-week?

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Good Afternoon,

I am updating our non profit training program—Version 2.0 is set to launch in September—and…

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Trying To Be Nice

Trying To Be Nice

I had a weird moment recently. I tried to have a conversation with a normal person. A normal person who has chosen to live a normal life. Half way through the conversation, I realised we had nothing in common. Not that I’m not interested in her life. It’s not that I don’t find her an interesting person. Except, yes, maybe it is. Which makes me feel a little bit bad.

And then I remember that what I care about is Ebola in West Africa and food insecurity in South…


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4 ways to survive (and enjoy!) your next leave

A guest blog by Marco Yuri Jiménez on

As I am writing this, I am riding a train crossing the Alps between Austria and Italy. I have been in three countries in about ten hours. I have been in six different countries in the past three weeks and in ten other countries on four continents in the…


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