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New Participatory Video and MSC guide!

Hi everyone, I thought you'd be interested in our latest publication: a toolkit to use Participatory Video combined with MSC

Please feel free to review it, use it and share it!

We would love to hear your views.


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Actually, it was my capacity that needed to be built

“Capacity building” has been in every job description or programmatic strategy of every international aid and philanthropic organization with which I’ve worked over the past 15 years. In some form or another, I’ve led, funded, or facilitated workshops, exchange visits, trainings intended to enhance the knowledge and skills of people who live in poor countries. 

Along the way, as an “expat” aid worker, as a grantmaker, as a manager and a communicator, I’ve…


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The Light House of Hill : To Flourish Properly, Needs People Participation and Asset Based Development

Very nice shiny morning. The hills show their natural beauty. Suddenly clouds have come and surrounded the whole area. After ten minutes, clouds have gone and everything gets clearly visible. It seems that the hilly area flourishing itself newly. Very nice moments for the travellers, come from the plane lands. But…


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White supremacy, black liberation, and global development: The conversations we’re not having

This post originally appeared on

Below all of the talk of “evidence-based approaches” and “taking it to scale,” there is an undercurrent of disquiet.

It happens when “local partners’ capacity” is maligned. It happens when two people have the same idea,…


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2014 World AIDS Day Red Ribbon Campaign, Order Now!

2014 WORD AIDS DAY RED RIBBON BADGES ORDER NOW FROM UGANDA. To order DROP US AN EMAIL AT or visit to Donate to our Red Ribbon Campaign Kindly visit To order, kindly drop us an email at…


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Can more efficient use of social media change the aid sector?

I have been admiring Aidsource for a while since I joined however I've been disappointed by the evident low level of activity. I'm currently studying for a Masters Degree at WEDC; A water and development focused department at Loughborouth university and have decided as part of my Master's thesis to see if I could investigate the viability of a similar social networking website as AidSource which could be used as a central hub for aidworkers looking to network, find information or running…


Added by Carl Josef-Ian Nuñez Rendora on July 28, 2014 at 8:43am — No Comments

NGO Workers and accountability to “beneficiaries”

If you work (or have worked) for a development NGO/INGO, and have thoughts or opinions on the delicate subject of accountability, I would really appreciate you taking a look at this survey. This forms part of my final dissertation research which focuses specifically on the practical realities for those working in for NGOs when it comes to accountability. Please follow the link for more details.

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Are you a change maker? Then this if for you.

The Humanity Collective Manifesto is for change makers everywhere! If it resonates, download it in a variety of formats- for free! Enjoy. 

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Fun, Free Challenge for Change Makers Everywhere! Join the Quest.

For all the details come one over

Quest- Week 2

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A Road Map for a Weary Heart Journeying Through Darkness

Last week my hometown experienced a terrifying ordeal that left the city under siege and ended with 3 police officers dead, 2 wounded, and a community forever changed.  Friends and family continue to live through waves of disbelief, shock, terror, anger, and deep…


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Will donor and recipient states buy into the SCHR's Certification Review Project? Have your say.

In October 2012, nine of the largest independent agencies[1] in the humanitarian sector, under an alliance known as the Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response (SCHR), initiated a two-year project, the purpose of which is ‘to explore the feasibility and relevance of certification for humanitarian organisations, in order to demonstrate compliance with humanitarian principles and quality and accountability standards’.

The project is entitled the Certification Review…


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Receiving: Radical Truth, Generosity & What Giving's Got To Do With It

I am good at giving. I am comfortable at giving and it brings me tremendous joy to give. Giving is easy, and delightful. I give freely and often. Giving makes me feel purposeful.

Receiving? Not so much.

Sound familiar?

If you want to know why it matters, and how to stop robbing yourself of your humanity continue to read here…

Added by Jodi on May 7, 2014 at 8:17pm — 1 Comment

This is a story that will restore your faith in foreign aid, but it may also break your heart.

What do you do when you find a huge need, for over 600,000 people, of which tens of thousands of them are dying every year, that no one else is focussing on? What if a country was losing $400 million a year because of it? What would you do if you had both a plan and an incredibly cost effective grassroots organisation to address this problem?

Unless we stumble across a miracle in 2 months, the answer is, we will walk away from it all. This is a story that will restore your faith in…


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Q&A Podcast : Am I in a slump or is it burn out? What Can I do About It?

In this podcast, I will show you 3 tools to know if it's a slump or burn out and provide 4 techniques for what to do about it.

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Online Counseling for Humanitarians

The Global Wellness Center was developed to enable humanitarian, development/aid workers and volunteers to access supportive, empowerment-based counseling from any corner of the globe. Utilizing video conferencing, email and telephone, the Global Wellness Center makes it possible to have weekly counseling sessions with a licensed mental health professional from anywhere in the world. For more information and a FREE consultation check out the website at …


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Scaling Up Humanity & How To Strengthen Yours

Scaling Up Humanity & How To Strengthen Yours

With billions of dollars spent every year on official development assistance and poverty reduction, why isn’t the current model of development assistance having a bigger impact? There are lots of reasons and theories but based on my experience, I believe…


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The Art of Saying No & Scripts to Get It Done (aka Changing the World One No At A Time)

Reality check- what we say yes and no to shapes our lives.

Most of us don’t say no often enough and we end up taking on way too much. We allow scope creep because we don’t say no. We get frustrated and cranky because we don’t say no. We burn out because we don’t say no. Saying no can feel awkward, and downright terrifying. For most of us, it seems…


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6th May (online): Better Participatory Video Practice: Launch, InsightShare and Open University

InsightShare and Open University are excited to share with you that thus far almost 300 people from 30 different countries have signed up to join us on our 8-month long journey via virtual field sites around the world to explore and share better practices in participatory video. If you haven't already signed-up, we hope you might be interested to join us too.

You are…


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How much does the US government spend on foreign aid? (And 4 other things you might not know)

Few would disagree that the aim of US foreign assistance to developing countries must be to help people help themselves. But did you know…?

1)   Foreign assistance is a bargain.

For the last few years, the US devoted just 0.7 percent of the federal budget to poverty-focused foreign assistance. In FY2014, the US government spent $23.4 billion…


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Impact Investing: Big investment, little financial benefits, more social impact... “What, Why & How?”

Impact Investing is a growing developmental tool. It can play a good role in the development of any country especially in developing countries. For example, the Impact Investor can invest their money for food production, preservation and food processing. In our world, there are many countries where sometimes food…


Added by Suman Chowdhury Mony on February 17, 2014 at 8:48pm — No Comments

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